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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I refuse to write this article in a coherent manner..This article will be written in a stammered and disjointed manner..but please be rest assured that you will be able to follow my train of thoughts and flow of words..he3 Just now in my class, the lecturer asked.. don’t you feel bored studying?? Some of my friends say yes but the others rather keep quiet (thinking, I guess). Then the topic about howwww many years we had been study come out. When I calculate it, it is almost 14 years (until now) that I had learned from kindergarten, school and IPTA/S.. We always cant wait about how many days left to finish school or diploma and so on..Deep inside my heart, I think there is no need to worry because it’s your life. 


Let’s think about L-I-F-E     

Peoples are always promoting life planning. Fail to plan and plan to fail. What an interesting phrase.. and I totally agree with the above phrase. However, life is full of surprises. You can plan all your life away…. But at some point of time, life will be at a corner… waiting for the perfect moment to creep up behind you and give you the biggest shock of your life. One moment, you can be the most happiest person on the face of the earth.. and then BOOOM!!! some awful thing happens… and suddenly you're at the bottom of the pits. It's a funny world also… I find this roller-coaster life of mine highly addictive and greatly exciting. Of course, I might change my mind when I'm 60 years old or once my heart slows down… but in the meantime, I ain't getting off this ride… "I wish there's 100 hours...100 hours in a day!" Have you said those line before? I have.. many times. At times, I refuse to sleep as I rather be      watching movies, japan/korean drama, anime, reading magazine and comics, surfing internet and so on. I'm totally restless, I want to shop more, read more, travel more, learn more, eat more, he3.... I want to do everything in excess..Yeah, excess!! On the other hand, if I'm given 100 hours in a day, would I be able to do what I've always dream of in the first place.. The answer to that question remains unanswered. Deep down inside, I know that I will be so burnt out trying to do so many things at one time. Life is not always about being the first person to know about every single stuff or be the first person to experience a unique thing.. To me now, life is about enjoying each minute at my own pace.. make light of bad situations.. so that I won't be affected by them eventually. So, just follow the road of our life.. It is the world's rule.. That is just how I thoughts,ho3~

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