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Friday, October 14, 2011

from the bottom of my heart

Hi everybody!! this is my 2nd or 3rd entry in English if I'm not mistaken. First of all before I'm going to continue my writing, I'm not good enough in English and may be you can correct me if I'm wrong (grammar etc.). Hope that you can understand my English, ho3.. 

My roommate is packing her camping bag while i'm just lazying myself on my bed. My class for today started early in the morning, 8 am and the class only ended at 10.30 pm. So, this is the right time for letting my body a long rest, he3... So, i start thinking about my friends and him.Him is can also known as Mr. X, Y or Z. Dunno why suddenly my mind thought bout him. 

He is such innocent boy, sometimes become blur person and sometime become hyperactive (keep teasing other people) or do something nonsense. Since I got a laptop and the wireless spot is nearby, i will always sign in to my yahoo messenger. His name will appears every time i sign in. Then, after a few seconds, he will buzz me, I buzz him back and we chat until 1 or 2 am. At the same time, we are writing lab reports or doing assignments or any other work that all students done. So, we can have online discussion (15 %), another 75 % is we just talk nonsense or arguing (not really arguing). 

Nowadays, when i eat pizza or sundae, i will remember him, the person whom always pay for it, he3... He is also easy-going person, can be friends with all peoples but sure he had some peoples that he feels uneasy while with them. He scolded me once, but it's only a misunderstanding about the person he feels uneasy. But now, we are really far from each other, separated by sea and land. No more YM, eating pizza and sundae, play bowling or doing  group discussion together. My 3 years time that I had spent with him is over now. We are buzy with our own assignments, tests and lecture.

My story might end here forever until there is another new story about us. (^^,)Y

This special song is dedicated for him (nakashima mika-yuki no hana) 

*This entry is in english because I don't want to be called as 'jiwang' if this entry is in malay, so i'm using english. I dunno how to express my feeling in words. Besides, its already midnight so the ideas are not really comes out with this tired body. Sorry for my bad english. Oyasumi nasai minasan!!!


yunZatie said...

terbaik la lu.gua nak cakap gak lu jiwang

hazirah cw said... mmg suka jiwang2 kan..wa sekali skala ja~ hehehe

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